A Super-Easy Toys Moo Cows for Curious Little Ones :)

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what it is

Get something really smart in the mail this month.

TrailMonkeez uses the art of asking great questions, a little science, and the help of experienced educators and childhood development experts to choose toys, games and apps that meet your child right where they are—at the crossroads of personalized development and old-fashioned distraction.

We then box up the best things for your curious little learner, send them to you once a month, and keep on learning so the next box (and the next, on down the trail) changes with your child’s interests, passions, and developmental and educational needs.

How it works

The Only Educational Subscription
Service That Learns.

There’s probably never been more great toy, app and game choices for children available. And that’s kind of a problem. TrailMonkeez helps parents discover the right stuff for their little ones—fun, educational, exciting, and new to them every single month.

TrailMonkeez’s Curiosity Squad checks out lots of great toys and apps from all over the world, evaluating them for quality, fun-quotient, and developmental milestones.

You answer a few questions about your child so we can match their passions, personality and learning stage with fun things that’ll absorb their attention like a sponge.

Joy! Every month, one trip to the mailbox gets magical as your TrailMonkeez package arrives. Merriment ensues.

Feedback from you and your child helps us narrow in on the very best things to suggest and a few smart questions help us figure out what to send next month. If our picks are off, you tell us, we learn, and do better!

For parents

Hear that? It’s Guiltless Silence.

The best toys are a dreamy combination of education and entertainment—fun enough to hook your child, smart enough to boost a skill, subtle enough that nobody knows the difference. TrailMonkeez’s once-a-month deliveries put your child on a personal path toward engaged, excited moments everyone loves.

For kids

All Kids are Special (Especially Yours).

Flattery probably doesn’t get us anywhere, but science and taking the time to get to know our little customers sure does. TrailMonkeez is the only educational subscription service that learns—uncovering your child’s passions, personality and developmental stage before we even send a single box, and continuing to ask the right questions as they change and grow.